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What to Look for in Roof When Buying a Home

You are getting ready to buy a home; congratulations! That is incredibly exciting! However, as with any new home, you need to make sure that everything is in top-notch condition before you buy, or least be aware of the faults so that you can factor repairs into your budget. Roofs are one of the most expensive home features, so receiving an accurate assessment of its current condition is vital before giving the green light. Today, we will share with you what to look for in a roof when buying a home.

Buying a home


The first question that you should ask about the roof is its age and materials. Depending on the materials, you can estimate the roof’s remaining lifespan and factor in how soon it will need a replacement.


The next question to ask is about recent repairs. You should ask if any repairs were made in the last few years. If repairs were made, ask what they were for and if they were adequately completed with no additional problems. This will demonstrate the previous weak points of the roof that you will want to keep a close eye on in the future.


After asking about recent repairs, you can ask (and you should look for yourself, if possible) what needs to be repaired now. You should check for roof damage signs and investigate how much it would cost to have it repaired.


Sadly, not all problems can be easily identified. Even if the home you are looking at features a brand new roof, there may be hidden secrets underneath, such as the ventilation. Poor ventilation can cause serious problems for the roof and home, so be sure to check that the system is in proper working order.


Canals are another part of the roof where damage isn’t easy to spot. While it is best to have a professional complete an inspection, you can test it yourself. Just be super careful! The canals should lead the water away from the house to gutters, downspouts, and drainage pipes.

Gutters, Downspouts, and Drainage Pipes

While the physical roof is an integral part of your roofing system, it isn’t the whole picture. You also need to take into consideration your gutters, downspouts, and drainage pipes. These components are vital in redirecting the destructive force of water away from your home. To know more, check out our article on How to Know Its Time to Get New Gutters.

While you can check out these components yourself, it is highly recommended to get a roof inspection completed by a professional before buying a new home. We know that it may seem like an extra expense, but you could end up saving thousands or tens of thousands of dollars if a hidden problem is discovered. Give us a call today, and we will set up a roof inspection with you!