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Whether you need to repair or replace, we can help. Typically we will complete an entire project in one day. Crew size ranges from a single repair tech, to a 5 man crew for the typical home or business. All of our roofs come with the best warranty in the business by a company that has a reputation of quality and consistency. We also install specialty products and metal roofing systems.

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Roofing – The Life Cycle of your Roof. When is it time to replace a roof?

From the moment a new roof is installed, the aging process begins. This process begins immediately and initially progresses rapidly with the curing of the shingles. During this time some granule loss will occur as well as some blistering.

The next stage marks the mid-life of the shingles. This process is a long, slow period of aging and is a major portion of the shingles natural life. The final stage is called the declining years. This is when the homeowner should start to consider purchasing a new roof. Signs that the roof is at this stage include: curling, surface cracking, blisters, and/or staining. To determine if your roof is beyond normal aging look for signs of opened blisters, cracking, and bald spots with exposed asphalt.


When purchasing a new roof there are multiple things a homeowner, with the help of a contractor, should consider:

  • Does existing roofing need to be removed?
  • Is the condition of the roof decking in good condition?
  • Do I need to use the same existing style ventilation or would I like to upgrade?
  • What type of underlayment do I need?
  • What types of flashings, pipe collars, chimney flashings are needed?
  • What type of valley styles would I like, if applicable?
  • What type or style of shingles would I like?
  • How will my plants, bushes, and yard decorations be protected?
  • How is Clean up and disposal of debris done?
  • What is our payment agreement?
  • Will the contractor work with my insurance, if applicable?

A roof can be put over an existing roof. This is called a roof-over, or re-roof. The existing roof is not removed, and an extra layer of shingles is placed on top of existing shingles. Flashings are re-done to prevent leakage. There are many areas in the Miami Valley that will only allow two layers before a complete tear-off is required, per building code. This option is only a fraction cheaper than a full roof tear off, and the shingles do not last as long as a complete tear-off.

If you are thinking long term, removal of the existing roof is recommended. This is also referred to as a complete tear off. This allows for the roof decking replacement and allows the new shingle to age according to the manufacturer’s calculations, and allows for full benefit of manufacturer’s complete warranty.

If removing the shingles, Ice and Water Shield should be installed along eaves and in valleys. This helps protect the house from water entering during melting snow and ice. This is a code requirement for most areas of the Miami Valley, (Greene, Clark, Montgomery, etc.).

If roof decking or sheeting is in need of repair, sections that need replaced will be replaced. Once good roof decking is established, it is covered with felt paper. There are two weights of felt paper, 15 lb. and 30 lb. Felt paper draws heat away from the shingles which keeps the roof cooler. Felt paper also acts as a vapor barrier. The heavier grade, 30lb. felt paper provides more roof cooling and vapor barrier benefit. Since increased temperatures on the roof can cause shingles to dry out and age more quickly, the cooler the roof stays, the longer the shingles and the roof will last.

Metal edging is then installed. This insures water running off the roof will enter the gutters and does not run behind them. New plumbing vent collars, roof vents, chimney flashing, and damper style vents are installed during shingle installation.

Many houses have roof valleys. There are two types of shingle valleys: half-cut or western weave valleys, and fully laced valleys. Lance Roofing and Siding strongly recommends fully-laced valleys. Half-cut or western weave valleys are two ply valleys that only require half of the materials and labor, and do not provide the protection that a fully laced valley provides. Sadly, half-cut valleys are a short-cut that many roofers take and this has become common practice for many roofing companies in order to save time and money. Fully-laced valleys are four ply valleys that provide superior protection, and will last the life of the roof. So while a fully-laced valley requires twice the materials and labor, it is worth it to provide the added protection to the roof valley.

Another factor to consider is shingle type. The older three tab shingles are a more budget friendly option. They come in a variety of colors and are meant to last up to 25 years. This shingle type has been popular for years but due to recent windstorms, its popularity has been overshadowed by the newer dimensional shingles. The dimensional or architectural shingles comprise more than 70% of Lance Roofing and Siding’s business. These shingles are gaining popularity for their appearance, higher wind durability and the additional five year manufacturer’s warranty. The additional cost of these shingles starts at $15 per 100 sq. ft. area, but the increased price also provided increased durability.

Clean-up and removal of debris should be part of every roof job. This is an important step that many companies overlook as part of the job. Upon completion of the roofing project, gutters should be cleared, areas around plants and bushes should be raked and a nail magnet should be used to find any nails or metal shreds left behind.

At Lance Roofing and Siding, we pride ourselves on providing superior quality workmanship. We take great pride in our work and know that the best price does not always equal the best roof, so we try to provide reasonable rates for quality work. We offer a five year workmanship warranty on all new installation work that we do, unless otherwise noted in contract. We strive to create extraordinary customer relationships, and have been operating in the Dayton area since 1993. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and encourage customers to look us up and call us with any questions. 937–864–2722