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Metal Roofing


Longevity. Efficiency. Durability.

For many years, the price of metal roofing was considered
double or even triple the cost of shingle roofing. However,
during the last several years, shingle prices and materials
have changed so much that metal roofing is now a
somewhat more reasonable alternative
. Metal roofing is
initially more expensive to install, but it is more durable and
lasts much longer than traditional shingle roofs, therefore,
saving the homeowner money in the long run.

Metal roofing offers twenty different color options and most
are Energy Star rated. Metal roofing can be installed
over existing shingle roofing, thus eliminating the cost of a
roof tear off
. Another cost effective advantage of a
metal roof is that it helps to lower utility bills by
reflecting the suns ultra violet rays instead of absorbing

Lance Roofing and Siding offers metal
roofing by Union Corrugating Company metal roofing supplies.
Xebec 3 offers high quality Union Corrugated Company metal
roofing materials that have a lifetime warranty on the
galvalume metal and trim products and a 40 year guarantee on
the paint. We offer Master-Rib and Advantage-Loc roofing panels
in 29 or 26 gauge material in a variety of colors. Master-Rib
panels are corrugated while Advantage-Loc offers standing
seams. The 26 gauge panels are a thicker, heavier material and
are therefore more impact resistant than the 29 gauge

metal roofing image 2

residential metal roofing

There is a growing list of reasons for the expanding use of
metal in residential construction. Leading the list is the
tremendous variety of exciting shapes and colors that today’s
product offers.

In addition to these aesthetic advantages, modern metal
residential roofing is easily installed and offers longevity,
energy savings and exceptional durability, even under extreme
weather conditions. Below are some common questions and answers
regarding the use of metal in residetial construction.

frequently asked metal roofing questions

How can a Metal Roof save energy?

Many conventional roofing materials – asphalt shingles, for
example – absorb energy from the sun. Metal, on the other
hand, reflects most of the sun’s rays. At day’s end, metal also
cools more quickly. As a result, the attic space remains cooler, as
does the living space below. Conventional roofing materials tend to
absorb heat, therefore, requiring more energy to maintain a cooler
living space.

Can I install a Metal Roof over my existing

Yes. Because of the light weight of metal, it is easily installed
over existiong roofing materials. without the disposal problems
commonly associated with re-roofing projects. And, because McElroy
rooding panels are installed in sheets, labor cost for installation
are kept to a minimum.

Will it look good?

McElroy recognizes that appearance is a major factor in the choice
of roofing material. To ensure that the benefits of metal go beyond
longevity and durability, McElroy’s highly diversified line of
roofing products offers the homeowner a wide variety of styles,
colors, and finishes.

Will it make noise when it rains?

Modern metal roofing is often installed directly over plywood
decking and felt or an existing roof. Therefore, any noise
generated by rain will be similar to that created by conventional
roofing materials. Also, as with conventional materials, attic
insulation will provide additional noise reduction.

Will it cost more than conventional

Although the initial cost of metal is higher, the life-cycle costs
are substantially lower than conventional materials. The decision
to select metal is often based upon the fact that the homeowner
either doesn’t want to or can’t afford to replace their
conventional roof every 10 to 12 years. Metal, on the other hand,
will provide years of low maintenance service life.

The Benefits of Metal Roofing

to the building or homeowner

  • Variety of shapes and colors
  • Trustworthy panel and paint warranty
  • Excellent water, snow and ice shedding
  • Withstands hail better than any other roofing
  • Superior re-roofing material
  • Fire proof
  • Energy Efficient

to the environment:

  • Made from 100% Recyclable material
  • Conserves landfill space
  • No shingle disposal

to the home builder:

  • Fast installation with technical support
  • Full line of color-matched trim/flashings
  • Light weight, re-roof over shingles and furring

to the architect:

  • Broad spectrum of designs and colors
  • Technical support Low life-cycle cost