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Gutters Downspouts

When is it time to replace existing gutters and downspouts?

gutter downspout image 1

Most gutters produced in the last 50 years are made of aluminum. This material does not rust and will last forever. So the issue becomes why replace them.

One factor is the miters (corners) are sealed with gutter sealant to prevent them from leaking. This can not be removed once applied , so resealing is done over top of the original application. After several applications of gutter sealant, the miters can no longer seal.

Another factor is the hanging process. Until several years ago, gutters were installed with nails or spikes. These spikes are round in shape and when installed, they penetrate the back of the gutters and create a square shape hole. This can allow small amounts of water into the surrounding wood and eventually deteriorating the wood behind the gutters. The spike method at this point continually pulls away from the house with the weight of water, snow, or debris.

The last factor is, as time passes, the gutters become dented and the finish can deteriorate.

After a homeowner decides on new gutters, there are several decisions to make:

  • What size of gutters? The standard size is 5” and we also offer 6”
  • What location and size downspouts to use?
  • Do I want or need gutter protection from debris.

We offer 5” and 6” continuous gutters by Hastings and Mastic in over 25 different colors and we have a link to Mastic in this website. We also install the “Leaf Relief” gutter guard system and we also have a link to their product.