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The exterior of your home is as important as the interior. It is the exterior that will give visitors the first impression on how the interior is going to look, especially the roofing and siding.

When is it time to replace my siding?

Siding should be replaced when it is broken, cracked, rotten, it appears chalky or faded or whenever it becomes unsightly in appearance.

Lance Roofing and Siding offers three types of siding: Cement Board, Vinyl, and Cedar siding. We also employ painters to match siding for repairs or to paint existing siding if desired.
We install all brand names of siding, if the customer has a preference of one brand over another.


Cement Board Siding

Cement board, (Hardie Plank), is one of the lifetime sidings and is gaining popularity because it is maintenance free when installed properly.

Cement board is made by Hardie Plank and when installed to the manufacturer’s specifications, should never have to be replaced.

It is extremely important to follow the manufacturer’s specs on this product. If not properly installed the material will deteriorate and the manufacturer will not honor the warranty. That is why our Cement Board Siding installers have attended classes on Hardie Plank Installation. These classes were hosted by Hardie Plank representatives and we continue to regularly attend Hardie Plank seminars for manufacturer’s updates on products, information, and new installation techniques.

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Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding is another lifetime siding.

Mastic is our main supplier for vinyl siding and accessories. They offer a variety of different colors and grades of siding to fit consumer needs. Mastic also offers aluminum trim coil and gutter coil which match their siding colors. Some vinyl siding manufacturers do not manufacture gutter or trim coil to match their siding colors, so it is important to consider this as part of a siding purchase.

Vinyl siding will last forever, but sometimes the finishes fade and the siding can become unsightly. Mastic now offers a product with UV protection to combat this problem.

Vinyl Siding can also be installed directly to exterior underlayment. Without proper installation this siding can leak around windows and at junctures of fascia boards and siding. Our trained professionals are skilled in installation processes and take special precautions to insure that this siding will not leak and will last forever.

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Cedar Siding

Cedar Siding comes in various sizes and we offer all sizes and styles.

Cedar siding can last for a very long time with the proper maintenance and care. Cedar siding must be stained/painted and sealed following installation. If cedar siding is left without stain for any length of time it can cup or split, and could need replaced. This generally happens to areas that receive lots of sunlight and are not properly protected from the weather. Simply sealing or painting every 3-4 years can keep your Cedar siding looking like new, and can extend the life of the siding.