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Skylights: What you need to know before purchasing and installing a skylight.

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Skylights are a luxurious way to provide more light into the darker areas of your home, and they can even make rooms appear larger. It is like a window in the roof. They are a green option because they use natural sunlight to light the home instead of electricity, therefore reducing energy costs. When considering skylights, there are many things that a homeowner should take into account. For example, skylights can be fixed in place to offer extra light only, or vented to allow air flow and they can be flat, tubular or domed depending on the preference of the homeowner. Some skylights may be eligible for a tax credit so be sure to consider this as well.

Fixed skylights are considered leak proof when installed properly. They allow light to pass through but do not open. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be installed into any roof.

Vented skylights are more versatile than fixed skylights because they open to make it more like an actual window in the roof. This venting capability is especially useful in bathrooms and kitchens because it allows excess moisture to escape. It allows extra air flow in any room. With vented skylights there are two ways to open them, manually with a crank system or electrically with a motor. There are a variety of electrical options including those that close automatically with the first feel of rain. This could be very beneficial if the skylight were accidentally left open.

Flat skylights vs. domed skylights. Flat skylights are made of glass and are considered more energy efficient, while domed skylights are made of acrylic that can fade in color over time.

Tubular skylights are smaller and less expensive than traditional skylights. They are round and look like recess ceiling lights. They come in 21 in and 14 in, and are easier to install than traditional skylights. They are fixed and offer a little light but not as much as traditional skylights, so they are very popular for smaller spaces.

Some Reasons for Leaking Skylights:

  • Poor quality skylights without proper flashing kit installation. It is important when choosing a skylight, to choose a skylight with a quality flashing kit. Lance Roofing and Siding recommends Velux brand skylights.
  • No vapor barrier. Without a vapor barrier condensation builds up on skylight sash and glass. This condensation then leaks into the home.
  • Poor quality skylights do not seal properly and may leak as result. When choosing a skylight, it is important to choose a quality skylight that offers an energy efficient and leak-proof seal. Lance Roofing and Siding is a certified 3 Star installer and recommends Velux brand skylights.