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Summer Roof Maintenance Tips

Summer has finally arrived! With the dreary weather as a thing of the past, you may be ready to take on your summer maintenance to-do list. Is roof maintenance a part of your list? It should be! If not, make sure to add these summer roof maintenance tips because now is the perfect time to get your roof in shape. 

Look Up

The first item on your roof maintenance checklist is a visual inspection. Take the time to slowly walk around your home to check for any problems. Inspect the sides of your house for water damage or mold, as well as the ground for any puddle or river markings. These could all be a sign of a damaged and clogged gutter. Be sure to carefully inspect your gutters for any cracks, holes, loose fasteners, or other signs of damage. 

Inspect the Roof

The next step on your summer maintenance checklist is to get on your roof (if it is safe for you to do so) for an up-close inspection. Be sure to inspect the roof valleys, flashing, eaves, shingles, and skylights for any damage. Make sure to note any sagging or squish to the roof as you walk around, as it may indicate a leak. Lastly, we recommend taking pictures during your visual inspections so that you can identify any roof deterioration over the years. 

Clean the Gutters

Nobody wants to clean the gutters in the winter, which means that summer is the time to do it. Many gutters nowadays have anti-clogging technology, but leaves and debris can sometimes overpower even that. By cleaning out the gutters, you will ensure that they are working correctly when winter returns. While cleaning the gutters, take the time to clear any larger debris off the roof so that it doesn’t get caught in something later on.

Take Preventative Action

While we may be nature lovers, it doesn’t mean that we have to let nature invade or destroy our homes. If any tree limbs are hanging over your home, be sure to trim them back so they don’t damage the roof if they break. If you have any trees on your property that are diseased, dying, or even tilted towards your home, you may want to consider having them removed, so they don’t fall on your home during a storm. Lastly, you or pest control should take action to remove any bird or insect nests that have made their home on your own While bird’s nests may be cute, they can cause roof damage. 

Do You Have Roof Damage?

If, during your home inspection, you found damage to your roof or gutter systems, it is wise to get it repaired or replaced immediately. Give your local roofing specialists a call to receive a quote on the service you need to be completed so that you can give the last check to your summer roof maintenance checklist!