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Summer Roof Maintenance Requirements

Summer has arrived! What does this mean for you as a homeowner? Along with the million other things on your summer to-do list, one that you should write at the top is summer roof maintenance. Today, we are sharing with you the top summer roof maintenance requirements you need to get started!

Summer Roof Maintenance Requirements

#1: Clean Your Roof & Gutters

The first step in summer roof maintenance is cleaning your roof and gutters. This means removing debris like branches, moss, algae, mold, and even nests from your roof. For your gutters, it means before a good clean to get out all the gunk.

#2: Perform a Roof Inspection

Now that your roof and gutters are clean, you can easily see to perform a roof inspection. During your examination, you will want to check the roof valleys, flashing, eaves, shingles, and skylights for any damage. It is important to note if there is any sagging or squish to your roof as you walk around, as it may indicate a leak. You will also want to check the interior of your attic, as that will be the first place any roof damage will come through.

Pro Tip: We recommend taking pictures during your visual inspections. That way, you can identify any roof deterioration over the years.

#3: Replace Missing Shingles

If you notice any missing shingles during your inspection, you will want to get them replaced as soon as possible. While it is possible to DIY this maintenance, many homeowners end up causing more damage to their roof by using improper shingles, nails, or techniques. Therefore, we recommend having a professional perform repairs.

#4: Trim Back Trees

Summer is the perfect time to trim back overhanging limbs. Even if you have a tree that isn’t overhanging yet, but it might be before the next summer comes, we recommend trimming it back at least some. You don’t want that tree limb to grow over your home and break during the winter. We recommend checking with your local arborists or tree trimmers for more information on trimming trees.

#5: Call in the Pros

If, at any point, you notice damage to your roof or gutter system, we recommend calling in the pros to get repairs or replacements. These highly trained technicians will ensure that your roof is in tip-top shape and that all maintenance is performed safely and efficiently.

Lance Roofing – Service All Year Long

Let’s be honest; no one wants to do roof maintenance when it is raining, snowing, or cold. That leaves many homeowners waiting until summer to take on maintenance and handle issues that may have occurred during the year. However, pressing roof or gutter problems can’t wait, or you risk thousands of dollars in repairs! If you have trouble with your roof or gutter systems at any point of the year, give Lance Roofing a call! We are here to help you!