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Spring Rain – How to Prevent Roof Leaks

“Rain, rain, go away. Come again some other day.” Unfortunately, the rain doesn’t tend to listen to nursery rhymes or wishes, which means that we need to be prepared as home and business owners to tackle spring rain. In the spring, many parts of the country get more rain than in winter. Today, we will share how to prepare for spring rain and prevent roof leaks.

How to Prevent Roof Leaks

Step #1: Clear the Roof and Gutters of Debris

During the autumn and winter, you likely faced falling leaves, high winds, and harsh weather conditions that may have left debris on your roof. Therefore, every spring, you should clean your roof and gutters. Clearing the roof includes twigs, leaves, branches, animal nests, or any human trash that may have ended up there.

Step #2: Perform a Spring Inspection

Those unpleasant weather conditions may have affected your roof more than a superficial glance would notice. Once your roof and gutters are clean, we recommend performing a spring inspection. During the inspection, you should check for signs of winter damage. You should check out our article on Signs of Winter Roof Damage for a full list of what to look for.

Step #3: Review Your Roof Warranty

If you have roof damage of any kind, we highly recommend reviewing your roof warranty and what it covers. You would be surprised what is and isn’t included in the warranty. Plus, there are factors (like the addition of solar panels) that void roof warranties. Therefore, it is always wise to be aware of what is covered.

If you have damage that is covered by a roof warranty, we recommend reaching out to that company to determine what actions need to be completed to get your damage repaired.

Step #4: Repair Any Winter Roof Damage

If you do not have a roof warranty or it has expired or been voided, we recommend taking action yourself to get your roof repaired from any winter damage. Roof damage is not something that you can procrastinate on, especially with spring rain on its way.

Remember, rain and water runoff are surprisingly strong forces that can find and enlarge any existing problem. We recommend calling your local, trusted roof repair company as soon as possible to get your damage repaired.

Step #5: Replace Failing Components

Sometimes repairs are simply not enough to fix a problem. Roof or gutter components that are old or have sustained substantial damage may need a complete replacement. If you are unsure if you need a simple repair or a total replacement, you should speak with an experienced roofing specialist.

Lance Roofing

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