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How to Vet a Roofer

There will come a time when you must replace your home or business’s roof. At that time, you will need to hire a roofing company to perform the project; however, not all roofers are equal. When determining which roofing company is right for you, we recommend investigating at least three different companies with the following vetting recommendations. The company that comes out on top is the one to go with.

Roofer Vetting Recommendations

Minimum Qualifications

When hiring a roofer, there are two qualifications you should consider to be a bare minimum requirement: experience and accreditation.

Experience is critical when it comes to high-quality roofing. You want your roofing company to have years of experience with your specific roofing job. While new roofing companies will provide quality work, you will want to check that those working for the business are experienced. Most new roofing companies aren’t started by brand new roofers but by experienced roofers who finally took the leap into owning a business. If they are brand new…that is a red flag!

Accreditation in the roofing world means the company should be licensed, bonded, and insured. Always ask for proof if they do not advertise that they are all three on their website. If they cannot provide it, move on to another company.

References Provided

When speaking with your roofing candidates, you should ask each company to supply at least three references from past clients. In addition to verifying those references, we recommend investigating the company’s online reviews. Remember to take reviews with a grain of salt because some people are just nasty. We recommend looking at the reviews as a whole rather than focusing on just one. To check for reviews, you should visit websites such as the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, Google Reviews, Angie’s List, and other such sites.

Estimate Offers

Most roofing companies will supply potential customers with a free estimate or quote for the project. While some companies will provide an online quote generator, which can give you a basic range of your project, we recommend having a specialist from each candidate company come out and see your roof in person before getting an official quote.

Be advised that when you review roofing quotes, you will likely want to go with the contractor that falls in the middle. Companies that offer cheap quotes often have hidden fees, whereas companies that aim high often overpromise. To ensure you are in an acceptable price range, we suggest checking with friends, family, or colleagues who have performed similar roofing projects to see what they cost. We want to note that inflation and material shortages are a present problem, so bear that in mind when taking in prices from friends whose projects were years in the past.

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