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How to Safely Add Christmas Lights to Your Roof

The holidays are almost upon us, which means that now is your last chance to deck those roofs up with Christmas lights before the festivities begin! Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t realize that holidays lights can severely damage a roof if not installed properly, so we are here to give you a rundown on what you can and can’t do.

Note: We want to advise homeowners to use extreme caution anytime they use a ladder or are working on a roof, especially during the icy winter months. You should always have a buddy present during the process, and if you are even slightly nervous, we highly advise hiring someone else to do it for you.

Christmas Lights

Do’s and Don’ts of Hanging Christmas Lights

Do: Determine Your Hanging Zone

Before you start hanging, take a few minutes to determine where you will hang your lights and how you will power them. Much of this is dependent on the type and length of lights you are using. We recommend sketching it out first to avoid surprises later on.

Don’t: Puncture Holes in the Roof

When you are ready to hang your Christmas lights, it is imperative to avoid using nails, staples, or anything else that punctures a hole. Even the smallest of holes in your roof can lead to extensive damage later on.

Therefore, it is always better it invest in high-quality roof clips. Good clips can easily attach to gutters as well as to the drip edge or shingles where there aren’t gutters. When adding a clip to the drip edge or shingle, just be careful not to bend it too much because it might snap the sealant bond below.

Do: Research Which Clips to Use

Speaking of clips, there are various clip types, unique to different roofing styles and light styles. A few options include:

  • simple hooks
  • clip to the line hooks
  • clip to the bulb hooks
  • roof peak clips

As you complete your Christmas light plan, make sure to buy suitable clips for your design.

Don’t: Add Lights to Full Gutters

Lastly, we highly recommend cleaning out your gutters before installing Christmas lights. Not only will debris be in your way, but it is a safety hazard. Remember, even in cold areas, Christmas lights heat up, especially when left on for long hours. That heat could potentially ignite dry debris left in the gutter like leaves, moss, or pine needles. To remove all potential risks, clean out those gutters beforehand.

Did You Have a Whoops?

Unfortunately, even the most cautious homeowners can have a “whoops” when hanging lights. Maybe you ripped off a shingle, bent a gutter, or some other minor accident. If that is the case, it must get fixed as soon as possible to prevent further damage. For more information on quick repairs, give us a call at Lance Roofing today to make an appointment.