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How to Prevent Pine Needles from Clogging Gutters

Pine trees hold a special place in beliefs, folklore, and traditions around the world. They represent wisdom, longevity, fertility, and life. Being fortunate enough to have pine trees on your property means that you too can become a part of the magic and beauty that pines trees give to all. Unfortunately, you may not feel so lucky if those pine trees are causing pine needles to clog your gutters. Today, we will share with you the three easiest methods to prevent pine needles from clogging gutters.

pine needles

How to Prevent Pine Needles from Clogging Gutters

#1: Trim Back Trees

The first step to prevent pine needles from clogging gutters is to trim back your trees. Any trees close to the house, especially if they have branches hanging over the roof, have the propensity to drop countless needles any time the wind blows.

By performing regular tree trimming, you are not only preventing excessive needles from ending up in your gutters, but you are also decreasing your chances of damage to your home and landscaping due to falling branches. We highly recommend speaking with a professional arborist in your area to schedule regular tree trimming for all the trees on your property.

#2: Install Gutter Guards

Various gutter guard systems are available, depending on your location, home architecture, and specific needs. Those who have broad-leafed trees are going to need a different design than homeowners like yourself who have needled trees. Those with needled trees typically need a high-quality micro-mesh gutter guard system that can actually catch thin, tiny needles. If you want to capture those little needles, you will need to hire a professional gutter installation team to install such guards onto your existing system or do a complete replacement.

#3: Perform Routine Gutter Maintenance

The last action you should always take is to perform routine gutter maintenance. While trimming back trees and installing gutter guards will drastically decrease your pine needle issue, there is a high probability that you will still collect a few strays throughout the season.

We recommend taking a walk around your gutters (in the rain) every couple of months to ensure there is no water overflowing or damage to your gutter system. That way, you will be ready to take action and prevent extensive costs if something does arise. Additionally, it would be best if you cleaned out your gutters in the spring and fall. Please remember always to use the buddy system when cleaning your gutters as accidents can be deadly. If you are unable to clean your gutters yourself, we recommend hiring someone to do it for you.

For more information on what you should do for routine gutter maintenance, we recommend reading this ARTICLE.

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