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Holiday Decorating Roof Safety Tips

Tis the season for holiday lights, decorations, and dazzling the neighbors with your incredible displays of seasonal cheer. To make your home a joyous land of sparkling lights, it usually involves getting on the roof. We want to ensure that you install your decorations safely this holiday season, which is why we hope you will follow these top holiday decorating roof safety tips!

Christmas lights on a roof

#1: Prep Your Roof and Décor

Before you dive into your holiday decorating, it is vital to prep your roof and your décor. Your roof should be dry and clear of debris. You don’t want to be walking around on a slippery roof. You should also make sure your gutters are clear as debris can become a fire hazard if there is an electrical malfunction.

Plus, before climbing the ladder, make sure your decorations work! Plug them in beforehand, check for missing lights or damage, and do all repairs on the ground!

#2: Have a Buddy

Accidents happen and can be deadly. Be smart and always have a buddy around when you are doing anything on the roof. To minimize your risk, decorate on nice days. Avoid getting up on the roof when it is windy, rainy, freezing, or dark.

#3: Dress Appropriately

When you are up on the roof, you want to make sure to dress appropriately. This includes:

– Clothes that won’t catch on anything
– Gloves to protect your hands
– Work boots or non-slip shoes to maintain solid traction on the roof.

#4: Don’t Damage the Roof

Being a master decorator is phenomenal, but you mustn’t damage your roof in the process. You should never use nails, tacks, screws, or staples to secure your holiday décor. Only use roof rated insulated hooks or clips.

In addition, be extremely careful hauling decorations on to the roof. Scraping and banging against the roof can cause severe damage. Lastly, ensure that everything is securely tied down. You don’t want a reindeer sliding off the roof in the middle of the night!

#5: Utilize Electrical Safety

You want your neighbors to be shocked by your dazzling display, but it doesn’t mean that you have to get shocked in the process! When installing holiday decorations, it is vital to utilize electrical safety techniques. First, you don’t want to use a metal ladder! These ladders are conductors for electrical currents. Instead, use a fiberglass or wooden ladder. Plus, double-check that the installation tools you are using are rated for electrical work.

Next, you want to use outdoor-rated decorations. You should ensure that each of your decorations is UL rated, that you have heavy-duty outdoor extension cords, and everything is plugged into GFCI outlets.

Are you concerned that your roof isn’t safe enough for holiday décor? Give us a call today for a roof inspection. We will make sure that your roof is able to handle all of your holiday cheer!