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9 Gutter Problem Warning Signs

As winter approaches, many homeowners have taken to completing their winter maintenance checklists. In our last article, we discussed how to protect your gutters from fall leaves. With gutters at the forefront of our minds, this article is designed to inform you about gutter problem warning signs. If you see any of the following issues, we highly suggest that you remedy them immediately to prevent extensive, expensive damage to your gutter system, roof, foundation, and landscaping.

gutter problem warning sign

Gutter Problems Warning Signs

1. Water Sloshing Out the Sides

One of the easiest gutter problem warning signs to notice is water sloshing out the sides. Take a little trip around your house during the next heavy rain. You either have a clog or another problem if water is coming out of the gutters anywhere except the rainspout.

2. Standing Water in the Gutters

After that heavy rain lets up, go back around your house again to see if there is any standing water left in the gutters. A proper gutter system will drain away the majority of the water. If there is any standing water, you likely have a clog or system error.

3. Pest Nests or Plant Growth in the Gutters

Speaking of standing water, that type of problem frequently attracts animals, insects, and plants. If you see any nests or plant growth, you likely have a standing water problem.

4. Sagging and Hanging Gutters

Another obvious gutter problem warning sign is sagging or losing hanging gutters. If you notice a specific gutter looks like it is being weighed down or has ultimately come loose, you likely missed a previous warning sign and should take action to fix this one immediately.

5. Dented or Cracked Gutters

Unfortunately, gutters don’t last forever. As they age and are consistently exposed to the elements, they can become dented or cracked. You should see about a repair if you notice anything from a hairline fracture to a significant dent.

6. Missing Pieces

Like #5, consistent wear can cause gutter parts to fail over time. One of the most frequent issues you will see is a missing nail. If you notice one missing, we suggest replacing it so that the hole doesn’t leak or rust.

7. Inconsistent Wear on Siding

A gutter problem warning sign that frequently goes unnoticed is inconsistent wear on the siding. If your gutter has failed and water is sloshing over the side, it will deteriorate your house’s siding faster than the siding not getting frequently lashed by water. If you happen to notice irregular wear when out in the sunshine, it may be because of this.

8. Leaks in the Basement & Cracks in the Foundation

If you have overflowing water that is pouring down the side of your home, it can negatively impact your home’s foundation. Leaks in the basement and cracks in the foundation are indicators that the problem may actually be coming from above.

9. Puddles Around the Foundation & Damaged Landscaping

As with #8, extensive water not going down the rainspout can form puddles around your foundation and damage your landscaping. If you notice puddles or irregular formations in your landscaping that appear to look like mini rivers or remnants of standing water, make sure to double-check the gutters before tackling your backyard.

When was the last time you had a gutter inspection? We at Lance Roofing offer roof and gutter inspections to help you ensure that your home is in tip-top shape no matter what Mother Nature throws your way. For more information, click HERE.