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6 Signs of Roof Damage

Your roof is one of the most critical aspects of your home, and it takes a lot of abuse each and every year from sun, wind, rain, hail, and debris. That is why regularly inspecting your roof will ensure that you catch any damage before it becomes a problem. Whether you recently experienced a major storm or are just doing routine maintenance, you should always check your roof for these six signs of roof damage.

Signs of Roof Damage


One of the easiest signs of roof damage to spot is with your shingles. Composite shingles can become torn, cracked, missing granules, or even just be gone. Wood shingles or shakes can also experience mold, decay, splitting, or curling.


Flashing is the thin material installed on your roof that redirects water away from important areas. When the flashing becomes warped, loose, cracked, or otherwise damaged, it can lead to the water seeping into places it shouldn’t be.

Wear and Tear:

Any item that enters your roof, such as vents, pipes, and chimneys, will eventually experience wear and tear in the product and the seams holding them in. Rust, warping, holes, and other similar damage need to be identified before it causes a problem.


If you spot mold on an exterior wall or in cracks along the sides of your home, it is a sign of water damage somewhere on the roof.


When water collects or pools in one spot, it is called ponding. It is more common among flat roofs, but it something all homeowners should keep an eye out for. As well, water stains on the ceiling or in the attic are indicators of a leak in the roof. Tracking down the source of the leak can be a challenge, but repairing it is usually quite simple.


Cleaning out your gutters on a regular basis is key to happy home health. When cleaning, if you notice pieces of your roof like nails or granules from shingles in the gutter, that is a sign of damage

Get a Roof Inspection:

While personally checking your roof for damage is a smart choice, you may not know how to identify problems or what to do if you find them. That is why hiring a roof specialist to complete a roof inspection is always a wise plan. Roof specialists know precisely how to identify problems and can discuss with you how to best repair that damage. By completing regular repairs and maintenance, you will be able to extend the life of your roof and avoid replacement for many extra years; thus, saving you thousands of dollars in the long run!
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